Anson grew up in  Malankara Catholic Syrian Church faith in Maramon, Kerala, India. He was a hardcore catholic believer and an ardent minister boy in the Most Holy Place (Madbaha) of his parish church since the age of 12 years.


After serving the Indian Naval Aviation from  January 1985, he retired in January 2000 as Chief Artificer (Avionics). He began his civil life engaged in church activities and social works.


On 14th August 2005, in early morning hours, he had a vision of Glorified Christ Jesus inviting him to the Ministry of God, which he ignored and continued his life holding positions in the church and the society.


In Dec 2007, Anson was called to Abu Dhabi, UAE to train electronic engineers in a company.


On 09 Dec 2009, evening, he heard the voice of Jesus, asking him to repent of his sins and turn back to God. Anson responded against the call and continued to ignore the voice. The voice continued to say "Anson, your sins took you away from God. None of your sins are forgiven yet. Turn back to God". The voice became firm and Anson began to see his past sins committed since childhood, in clear visions. This continued for three days and on 12 Dec 2009, Anson was convinced that it is none other than Christ Jesus Himself. He accepted Christ Jesus as his Saviour and Lord and promised to live the rest of his life for Jesus. Anson resigned from his job and returned to India on 10 Jan 2010.


Anson was Baptized in river Pampa at 05:00 am on 21 Sep 2010 by Pr. Johnson CJ, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in response to a prophetic intervention by a strange man of God who confronted him on the roadside on 14 Sep 2010.


On 25 Dec 2010 midnight, while on the way to their parish church to celebrate Christmas,  his wife, Asha  and daughter, Alice miraculously accepted Christ Jesus as their Lord and were baptized in water on 06 March 2011and  joined him in ministry.


On 19 Jul 2013, at 05:55 pm, while Anson was in prayer, he again heard the voice of Jesus, speaking about Anson's future plans in God's ministry. He was asked to spread Gospel in Kerala, beginning in his native district, Pathanamthitta. He then wrote and printed a tract and began to distribute it in and around the Pathanamthitta District.

On 27 July 2013, while attending a fasting prayer at a remote place, the pastor who was ministering the Word of God, gave a prophecy, saying,  "a man who has been in the gulf and is present here now, listen to the message from God. I have brought you back from the gulf for my purpose and trained you in my ministry. Now, I am going to send you back to the place from where you have come from. Not for your work, but, for my ministry.” 


Anson accepted the message because he was the only person present there, as described by the pastor.

 On the following Saturday, during a fasting prayer at home, Anson and his wife Asha heard God’s voice, asking them to join a church with the name “Elim”. God, miraculously guided them to join IPC Elim, Kumbanad on 30 August 2013.


In December 2013, a friend of Anson called him to join Etihad Airways in Abu Dhabi for a short time. Anson reached Abu Dhabi on 04 Jan 2014 and was received admission in Gilgal Bible Seminary, Sharjah for Bachelor of Theology studies. His family joined him and they decided to continue in Abu Dhabi with the Theology studies along with the secular job.  Anson graduated on 30 Nov 2017. Meanwhile, he has been also studying at Christian Leaders Institute, Michigan, USA.


In 2016, Anson was ordained as a Deacon Minister,  followed by ordination as an Officiant Minister. He was also awarded the Commissioned Pastor Diploma. Anson is the appointed  Mentor Minister of CLI, Michigan in the United Arab Emirates.


On 05 Feb 2018, Monday at about 10:00 am, Anson, once again heard the voice of Jesus, asking him to start a ministry named “Bethania Gospel Ministry” to serve the “wounded in heart”. He was asked to read Mark chapter 11. In the evening Anson discussed with his church pastor. 


On 08 Feb 2018, Thursday evening, during the church meeting,  a visiting pastor (Pr. Sam Ezamkulam, Nazareth Gospel Ministry) ministered the Word of God. The pastor began his ministering of the Word, asking the church to open Mark 11 and began to preach about "Bethania". This was a clear message to  Anson, to begin the Ministry. Anson discussed it with one of his seminary mates,  Pr. Jacob Philip, who agreed to attend the first meeting with the family. 


Bethania Gospel Ministry was inaugurated at 10:00 am on 09 February 2018, Friday,  with families of Pr. Anson Maramon and Pr. Jacob Philip, consisting eight members.


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