Bethania Gospel ministry was planted on 09 February 2018 at 10:00 am with two families of Pr. Anson Maramon and Pr. Jacob Philip in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


The ministry was begun following direct instructions of Christ Jesus to Anson, on 05 February 2020 to start a ministry to serve those who are wounded in heart. A model of the family in the village of  Bethania where Jesus used to visit often and preach the Kingdome of God, was given as an example of the subjects who would need the service of the ministry.



Who are the  WOUNDED IN HEART?


The wounded in heart are either believers or unbelievers,  who have received injuring words, acts and abuses from fellow people or leaders in the church or society. These wounds gradually mature and if he/she is a believer, tends to distance himself/herself from the communion of the church or prayer group. Based on the spiritual maturity level, the believer either gradually backslide or if the believer is a spiritually matured person, will look for another community or church for their spiritual needs. However, they will grow a contemptuous feeling towards other believers and leaders of the church.


There is another group of believers or non-believers who have undergone the sourest situations in life. They might have received a lot many wounds in their hearts from people around them, or people they faced in such situations. They may be either very rough or deeply depressed. They may also have suicidal tendencies or a tendency to destroy and kill, based on their personality traits.


Our ministry gets in touch with such people and bring them into our ministry to first listen to them patiently and carefully. We then pray over them and minister Christian counseling.


Once, they are healed and brought back to normalcy, they are free to leave us and choose either to join their previous community or join a community of their choice or remain with us.


Our Belief and Doctrines are published on the next page.


gallery/members first

Initial Members with Pr. Kuruvila Varghese

gallery/our first time lord's table on 29 jun 2018

Our First time Lord's Table on 29 Jun 2018


Our first couple

gallery/pr. saji varghese, bangalore

Our First Bible Study Program from 30 Mar 2018 to 05 April 2018 named "Vachanakkoottayma" 

gallery/pr. pradeep asa

Our second Bible Study Program on 03 May 2018  by Pr. Pradeep Asa 

gallery/pr. prince thomas, hariyana

Third Bible Study Program on 15 Feb  2019  by Pr. Prince Thomas, Hariyana

gallery/pr. biju maramon

Fourth Bible Study Program on 23 Apr 2019  by Pr. Biju Maramon