On 09 October 2005, early morning hours, he had a vision of Glorified Christ Jesus inviting him to the Ministry of God, which he ignored and continued his life holding positions in the church and the society.


In Dec 2007, Anson was called to Abu Dhabi, UAE to train electronic engineers in a company.


On 09 Dec 2009, evening, he heard the voice of Jesus, to repent.....


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Bethania Gospel ministry was planted on 08 February 2018 at 10:00 am with two families of Pr. Anson Maramon and Pr. Jacob Philip.


The ministry was started following a direct instructions from Christ Jesus to Anson, on 06 February 2020 to begin a ministry to serve those who are wounded in heart. A family in the village of  Bethania where Jesus used to visit often and preach the Kingdom of God, was shown as an example........... 


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Bethania Gospel Ministry